Thank you for your interest in NAQs Developmental Disability Professional Certificate Program!

Due to the ever-changing landscape of disability services, NAQ is currently in the process of redesigning this curriculum to better suit the needs of our members. During this time, NAQ will not be accepting new students.  Please know that NAQ is hard at work completing all the necessary steps to bring our members an up-to-date educational experience that will enhance their ability to provide person-centered supports to people with disabilities.  Please check back soon and see our progress! 

If you want to ensure you receive news regarding enrolling in the program, please send an email to admin (at) n-a-q (dot) org and we will add you to our mailing list. 

The first step in the admission process is for you to complete a Certificate Program Application. (The application is temporarily unavailable.) Before beginning the application process, please ensure that you have the following information available for upload as you will not be able to save a partially completed form.  

1.  Resume
2.  Three professional letters of recommendations

3.  A completed Background Screening Consent form. While you are free to complete the form in typed format, you are required to provide a manual signature (electronic signatures are not accepted).  

**Note that you will be required to provide payment for the $150 non-refundable fee at the time of application.

Once NAQ has received your application, we will begin processing your background screenings. While you wait for those results, you should prepare & submit the following documents:  

1.  A 1-2 page essay of introduction. In 1 to 1½ pages describe why you are hoping to achieve certification as a DDP. (For example, career implications, personal growth, and professional advancement) 

2.  A 3-5 page essay on topic of choice. In 3 to 5 pages, address one of the following issues:

    • Self-determination
    • Program participant-based services and supports
    • Values-based services
    • Facilitation of creative services and supports
    • Improving services for people with substantial intellectual disabilities
    • Social capital and community change
    • Why compassion is not enough
    • Knowing what's important
This topical essay must include:

      • A description of the meaning or historical development of the philosophy or concept
      • A summary of how you have applied the concept in your personal work
      • Your opinion regarding how a service provider should apply the concept in its clinical practices; or an exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the perspective
      • A summary statement.  

3.  Official transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended. The transcripts should be sent directly form the institutions of higher learning. Essays and transcripts should be sent via email to [email protected] or to the following physical address:                      
Attn. Beth Dyer
101 Hempstead Place, Suite 1B
Joliet, IL 60433

NAQ membership is required for all Certificate Program students. The membership application and dues payment are completed online.  

Once NAQ has received your background screening results and supporting documentation, we will be in contact to discuss the status of your application and next steps.